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Join Chris Shank, PDCA Education Director, as he interviews industry experts on how to build stronger businesses in this weekly series of podcasts produced by PDCA.

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PaintED webinars offer fresh and relevant contractor training several times a month and cover business and technical topics. Webinars are simple and easy to attend with options to interact or listen only.  More information available online at the Link Bellow.

PDCA Washington Metro Educational Resources

PDCA Washington Metro Webinars

Our April 27, 2021 Educational Webinar

 Member Joseph Chapman with Danaher-Skewes Associates will present: Websites Mistakes That Can Cost A Business Insurance Dollars


  1. Show off your business strengths not shortcomings

  2. Projecting safety assuages carrier’s fears

  3. Ladder safety

  4. Why associate a picture with your website?

  5. Shenanigans happen – just don’t show it off

  6. Steps to take and more



 Nema Semnani with Precision Sales Consulting a Sandler Training Company will present: Why Salespeople Fail...and What To Do About It

  1. Do you have "rainmaker challenges?" That is, do you have a handful of team members generating the majority of your revenue, which makes it difficult to scale the business?  

  2. Does it sometimes feel as if you or your team are sending out proposals to prospects who aren't making decisions?

  3. Have you or your team ever felt pressured to cut prices to close deals, due to the competitive nature of your industry? 

  4. Do some team members feel more comfortable delivering your product/service than they do in selling them?



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